Dr. Ravi Zacharias Visit to UEC


We were privileged to share a meal and have a time of discussion with Dr. Ravi Zacharias the founder and the president of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM). An apologetical teaching was presented by Dr. Zacharias and a time of open Q&A.

A group picture with Doctor Ravi Zacharias and his colleagues with the agape group and the leaders of the church

A meal that was shared with Dr Ravi Zacharias where introductions and questions were presented  


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  1. Hi, disturbing news about your friend Ravi Zacharias’s suicide threat and academic credential fraud. Here is the Christian investigative group Ministry Watch’s recent report. https://www.ministrywatch.com/articles/rzim.php

    Also Christianity Today article showing that Ravi has been exaggerating his credentials for at least 20 years.


    Not good. You may want to contact Ravi and urge him to address these allegations. He has not done so in any meaningful way.

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